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Title : Double Standard 


Double Standard

Do you wanna live in Japan If you can't speak





Too Many Haters Do you think about she got a stress about

her life and they blame her about she can't speak Japanese,

If you're her position , she has a lot of money , She has a boyfriend,

off course she is a pro tennis player, do you understand she is more famous

than you.

My story , I'm Japanese , I can speak English and Japanese.

I'm nobody in Japan , but if I go to the outside of Japan.

I can do anything whatever I want , because I can speak English.

Think about that can you speak English?

If you can speak English, it's okay.

If you can NOT speak English, you are nobody like me.

If you think about The Definition of Japanese,

You think about

1,Langage is Japanese

2,Color is Yellow

3,Eye color is Brown

But how about her ?

Nah, Think about that I'm so disappointed Japanese comments of

Yahoo's articles.

Is she Japanese? YES

Her nationarity is JAPAN

She is the best tennis player of Japanese.

Why they blame her? 

Because of their educaiton , It's Okay.

If you can speak English.That's it.

How many people can speak English in the world?

Too Many .

English is the most important priority language

in the world , isn't it?

Why are they so mad about her?

I guess Yamato Damashii is still in their hearts.

Before WW2 , it's Okay but now 2021 present time.

If you are Japanese you definetely learned English

when you go to the school and you learned English,right?

It's strange about who blames her?

See the comments.JAPS.

They can't understand outside of JAPAN

Think about The World standard.

Can you live the outside of Japan?

Nah I guess.

I'm Japanese , Asian Guy and I grew up in Japan.

But I can speak and write in English of my feelings.

If you are Japanese , Am I not Japanese?

If you read this article, Think about that who you are?

If you are real Japanese , you can read this article.

Because I'm Japanese. No offence.

Think about our future if Naomi Osaka takes your

diss message she thinks very sad about be Japanese.

Because she is the part of Japanese, isn't it?




LOVE and PEACE and Spread LOVE Y'all



Article by TooGoood

8th July 2021