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It's been a long time! Resurrection!
















I can see that you are very hungry to do this. I like
that about any kind of person. You are definitely
cooler than cool.
Your lyrics are deep. I am sure you mean a lot when
you write.

Thanks for coming up with these lyrics. "All My

I know you can write lyrics in English but I am sure
you are much stronger when you write in Japanese
because you are Japanese.

My idea is:  you get your story out there to the
japanese people first. make them understand you. where
you come from. how deep you are. what kind of troubles
you have been through. be the hero that 2 pac became.
but remember to be YOU. don't be a japanese rapper
trying to be 2pac. you must become the japanese 2pac.
you are.

When you do these shows in Tokyo, you will be known
for your powerful, deep lyrics. They will come to
respect you. As you rap more and more, you start
adding your own flavor..."Japanglish"...whatever...mix
in English if you want.

But right, now, I think it's much deeper when you just
focus on getting the message out directly to the
japanese people, in Japanese. 
Some words can be in English but not too many.

You should focus on being the Samurai Rapper that will
make Japan proud of you. Because you are a modern
samurai i think. if you can capture everyone's heart,
you are great.

Anyway, I will let you know when we start producting
on my friend. Japanese girl. She might need your help
for lyrics and side rapper.

I'll keep you in mind for sure. And hopefully, I can
hook u up with Miliyah someday. But first things
first. You need tracks. I'll try to help you in that
department. Just keep your rap: Tight. Smooth.
Understandable and finally in good Rythm. People want
to hear a ryhme, not just a story.

Keep it cool. Try to network all over Tokyo. Since I
will not be there while you are there, try to find
others who can help you out by giving you a simple
beat.  Good place to network is in the roponggi clubs
or yokohama hip hop clubs. ask people there if they
know any producers or beat makers. tell everyone that
you are a rapper. you can rap.
and rap in front of whomever. show the world and they
will show you.

Anyway, I hope to keep in touch. Good luck to you in
Japan my friend.

It's not the end but only the beginning of your







See Ya !